‘lived in’ homes by Particles

‘lived in’ homes by Particles

There is something about a home that has been loved and lived in that makes it compelling to document. As the owners fill them with furniture, art and objects their spaces reflect who they are. As architects we have designed houses for a lot of people in different places but when they fill them with furniture, art and objects it is then they these spaces come to life. Amongst these houses we choose 3 to talk how they are ‘lived in’.


Landing Sitting Area

This is the Hameed family home in Peshawar. A house of young adults who all study or work around the country, they gather for family occasions or holidays with the parents in this home. Small sitting areas feed the main rooms and become places to hangout together. The choice of furniture is simple but colorful to give every space character. Everyone plugs in for work, sits chatting long hours or simply enjoy the views to the garden with a cup of tea. The house does not have any formal sitting room to entertain guests. Modern accessories combined with more traditional furniture give the home a uniqueness that is a mirror to the many distinct personalities that live within it.

house no 5

Formal/Informal Sitting Area
Dining Room

House No 5 is as bare today as it was when it was completed. The owner is single, retired, lives a quiet life and goes for long walks. The furniture, objects and accessories are all used finds. His love for raw, solid things comes across in the teak sofas and sheesham dining chairs. Not very coordinated in terms of popular trends but all the pieces are comfortable and practical in the space. The colors are muted and the choice of décor like the stuffed pigeons and terracotta plant are an ode to simplicity.

house at d-12

Ground Floor Sitting Area
First Floor Sitting Area

When I first walked in Zainebs house after she shifted for a final site visit I was surprised to see how it reflected her colorful personality and passions everywhere.  Some people throwing colors together as daringly as her would probably fail. Her sofas are bright yellow, her curtains flowery blue, the planters hand painted in patterns and the shelves filled with collectables from her travels. Being a classical dancer and teaching theatre her home is no short of drama.

These homes don’t follow any popular trends or look like hotels. However, they resonate with the stories of their owners and distinct tastes which make them interesting. Things may not be intentionally put together like show pieces but they are organic and personal, a concept we need to think about as home-owners.

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